About Aphro

About Aphro

Aphro is locally tapped from the trunk of Palm trees, a ‘Palm Spirit’ typical to the West African sub-region.

Tapped from the trunk of Palm Trees, this is a new age take on an ancestral Spirit. A Palm Spirit.

Crafted using traditional and modern practices, Aphro is a Pan-African commitment to our community and greatness.

TRIPLE DISTILLED – Good things come in threes. Our smooth flavour comes from a signature triple distillation process, giving a distinctive flavour with an outstandingly smooth taste 

ORGANIC – What would Aphro be without an ode to our land’s flora? we did say Pan African. Infused with tropical fruits and indigenous herbs, 100% of our ingredients are organic.

MADE IN GHANA – Ghana, a leader in independence and innovation. Made with locally sourced ingredients, each and every bottle can be traced back to our noble farmers.  

As Rum is to the Caribbean, Vodka is to Russia. Aphro Palm Spirit is your access to the heart of Africa.

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